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DRI files court brief in support of Microsoft against US access to Irish data

You might have noticed that the US government is bringing a case against Microsoft demanding that it turn over user emails held in its Dublin facilities based on a US search warrant. This is a worrying overreach: the US authorities are seeking information held in Ireland, about a...
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DRI chosen as an EFF Counter Surveillance Success Story

We’re delighted that our victory against the Data Retention Directive has been chosen by the Electronic Frontier Foundation as one of their examples of a Counter Surveillance Success Story. From the UK defeat of the Snooper’s Charter to pushback in Chile against...
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Irish data sharing proposals – submission with Castlebridge Associates

DRI has teamed up with the ever knowledgeable data protection and information experts at Castlebridge Associates to agree a joint submission to the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform’s consultation on a proposed Data Sharing and Governance Bill. There is a detailed...
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About Digital Rights Ireland

Digital Rights Ireland is dedicated to defending Civil, Human and Legal rights in a digital age. We are a small, focused organization. We have no staff or office, so all our funds go directly towards our work, which primarily focuses on mounting legal challenges, educating legislators, and public campaigning.