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New ‘egovernment’ strategy is a national identity card by the back door

The government has promised that the Public Services Card would not be mandatory. But now the government has put forward an ‘eGovernment strategy’ that will force every citizen, young or old, rich or poor to have this card. You will not be able to travel …

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Submissions on the Data Protection Bill

What will future Irish data protection law look like? Many of the decisions have already been made in Brussels and Strasbourg, but the EU General Data Protection Regulation still leaves quite a bit of discretion to individual Member States. The Department of Justice and Equality …

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Extending Irish interception of communications to the Internet

Earlier this week the Department of Justice published a long awaited policy document on amending Irish law relating to interception of communications. In a welcome break with tradition the Department has been more willing to engage with outsiders and in a meeting today with the IHREC, ICCL …

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Digital Rights Ireland is dedicated to defending Civil, Human and Legal rights in a digital age. We are a small, focused organization. We have no staff or office, so all our funds go directly towards our work, which primarily focuses on mounting legal challenges, educating legislators, and public campaigning.

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