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You don’t need a Public Services Card to make a social welfare claim

You don’t need a Public Services Card (PSC) to make a social welfare claim. Over on X, Citizens Information have confirmed that “You can apply [for a social welfare benefit or allowance] without a PSC if using a paper application form.” The Citizens Information Board …

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Mass surveillance of Ireland's population via secret High Court order

Twenty questions for Minister for Justice as mass surveillance of Ireland’s entire population is secretly approved by the High Court

The identity of every person you phone, text, and/or email, the date and time of when you do so, and the location of where you are when you do so, is now being retained by mobile phone companies for Garda access. It follows the Department …

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Digital Rights Ireland agrees settlement with Irish Data Protection Commission over data breach complaint

In a victory for Facebook users whose data was leaked on the dark web, Digital Rights Ireland (DRI) has resolved its court case with the Data Protection Commission. This enables DRI to continue its campaign to vindicate the rights of E.U. residents whose data protection …

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About Digital Rights Ireland

Digital Rights Ireland is dedicated to defending Civil, Human and Legal rights in a digital age. We are a small, focused organization. We have no staff or office, so all our funds go directly towards our work, which primarily focuses on mounting legal challenges, educating legislators, and public campaigning.

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