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Public Services Card sample

DPC investigation into Public Services Card

We welcome the Data Protection Commissioner’s decision to extend her investigation into the Public Services Card. The Commissioner’s investigation is unprecedented in the Irish public sector. The card is essentially a national identity card. The database that lies behind it is an unofficial national population …

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No ID No Entry

Tell your TD to stop the PSC becoming a private sector ID card

We’re sorry to have to keep banging on about the Public Services Card. But this is important, and urgent. One of the few limits on the PSC becoming a national ID card is a section which makes it an offence for private bodies to use …

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Public Services Card sample

Taoiseach rejects linking of ‘Public Services Card’ to social media

Should your PSC be linked to your social media account? Jim Daly, an Irish government minister thinks so. After DRI solicitor, Simon McGarr intervened in a TV debate, The Taoiseach (Prime Minister) has firmly rejected the plan, saying “the Government has no plans to link the …

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