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Privacy and Data Retention

For nearly a decade Irish and European laws have required your mobile phone company and ISP to monitor your location, your calls, your texts and your emails and to store that information for up to two years. DRI brought a case challenging this mass surveillance. That case led to a landmark judgment from the European Court of Justice striking down the European law and declaring illegal this type of mass surveillance of the entire population. The case has now returned to the Irish courts, where we now seek to have our national Irish laws struck down also.

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Web Blocking

Web Blocking and Filtering

Internet blocking systems require ISPs to take additional steps to monitor users, resulting in real risks to privacy. These risks are amplified when ISPs are required to report details of web browsing without any legislative basis whatsoever. DRI advocates for public debate, transparent legislation and judicial oversight.

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Copyright Reform

Current copyright and intellectual property laws in Ireland present significant challenges for rightsholders and copyright users alike. DRI advocates for changes to meet the needs of the Internet Age against a backdrop of EU and international law.

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