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How the International Press Reported on Safe Harbor and Schrems

It’s been a hugely significant week for civil liberties in Europe. Following a judgement [PDF, 43kb] from the European Union’s Court of Justice, the Safe Harbour regime, which allowed the transfer of data from the EU to the United States, has been struck down. The …

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European Court ruling condemns mass surveillance

The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice today gave an important opinion in our favour in a case brought by Digital Rights Ireland to challenge European mass surveillance law. The challenge – which we started in 2006 – is to the Data Retention …

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In defence of online anonymity

In a week when whistleblowing by an anonymous blogger was crucial to exposing problems in the Irish Red Cross it becomes all the more important to stand up for the right to online anonymity. The following is an attempt to make the case for the …

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