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Extending Irish interception of communications to the Internet

Earlier this week the Department of Justice published a long awaited policy document on amending Irish law relating to interception of communications. In a welcome break with tradition the Department has been more willing to engage with outsiders and in a meeting today with the IHREC, ICCL …

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DRI challenges independence of Ireland’s Data Protection Authority

Digital Rights Ireland has instructed its lawyers to serve legal papers on the Irish government, challenging whether the office of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner is truly an independent data protection Authority under EU law. Ireland’s position as the EU’s centre for technology multinational companies …

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10 Years and 10 Ways DRI Has Made a Difference

December 6th, 2015 marks DRI’s 10th year at the forefront of digital rights advocacy. To mark this momentous occasion, we’re proud to present a list of 10 key DRI accomplishments over the past decade: 1/ Overturned mass surveillance for half a billion people Beginning in 2006, DRI undertook …

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You’re Invited to DRI’s 10th Birthday Party!

December 6, 2015 is a momentous day for Digital Rights Ireland: it is our 10th birthday. To celebrate ten years of being at the forefront of the fight for digital rights, you are invited to help us launch a month of #dri10 festivities at DRI’s 10th Birthday Party …

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Front page: How the media covered the Schrems case

How the International Press Reported on Safe Harbor and Schrems

It’s been a hugely significant week for civil liberties in Europe. Following a judgement [PDF, 43kb] from the European Union’s Court of Justice, the Safe Harbour regime, which allowed the transfer of data from the EU to the United States, has been struck down. The …

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DRI welcomes landmark data privacy judgement

Digital Rights Ireland welcomes the judgement [PDF, 43kb] from the European Court of Justice (CJEU) which has found that Safe Harbour, a regime allowing the transfer of EU citizens’ private data to the United States, is illegal. DRI was a party to the case (Schrems vs Data …

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What would the implications of a CJEU ruling against Safe Harbour be?

AG Bot gave a strong pointer to the CJEU today in relation to the Schrems case, to which Digital Rights Ireland is a party. At a recent conference, solicitor Simon McGarr spoke about possible implications of a negative ruling. …

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Opinion of Advocate General on Safe Harbour

Digital Rights Ireland welcomes the opinion of Advocate General Bot from the European Court of Justice in the Strand is versus data protection Commissioner case. Digital Rights Ireland was a party to the case and explained its concerns about the whole Safe Harbour regime to …

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World's largest Irish flag

Ireland’s Public Database of Naturalised Citizens

Ireland has been building up searchable lists of the names and addresses of it’s Naturalised citizens- people who swear an oath of allegiance to the state in a moving ceremony held in the National Conference Centre. Then the state has been publishing lists of these …

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Marking the Death of Nóirín Plunkett

We are saddened by the loss of DRI founding member, open source guru and advocate for women in technology Nóirín Plunkett. Nóirín was one of the eight people who stood as the guarantors for Digital Rights Ireland at its foundation and remained a member. Nóirín’s …

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Eircode Launches with Privacy and Data Protection Issues

Today is the launch of eircode, Ireland’s new postcode system. From a technology and privacy perspective, there are potentially numerous benefits to adopting such a system in Ireland. A postcode should ensure that private mail gets delivered to where it should be delivered, not to …

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SECON 2104

DRI is Seeking a Communications Coordinator

As part of our ongoing commitment to stablising DRI’s year to year planning, budgeting and communications, we’re looking to add a Communications Coordinator for a part time contractor role. If you or anyone you know might be interested, read on and see the application form …

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