Facebook, Schrems, and the ECJ: An Update

You may have seen on social media that today is #DigitalRightsMatter day, which is really to say, today is like every other day. Because, for an increasing number of people in the world, digital rights matter every single day. Being able to communicate with tax …

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Oireachtas internet blocking

Irish State Blocks Access to Own Websites

Ken Foxe of RTE has the news that internet blocking software in the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) is blocking a range of legitimate websites, including sites from the Irish central government, EU and organisations funded by the Irish taxpayer. Among the blocked sites: StPatricks.ie (a mental …

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GCHQ Doughnut

Guest Post: Privacy International GCHQ Surveillance Tribunal Win

Following their court win against UK spying last week, here’s a guest post from Privacy International setting out the implications of their case and what they plan to do next: Privacy International, Bytes for All and other human rights groups are celebrating a major victory …

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Privacy Update

Privacy & Security Updates for DRI

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we are letting you know about changes to our website rolled out today: We have updated our privacy policy We have added the option to check out with Stripe for online donations We have migrated to secure hosting of all our …

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Privacy Day 2014

Data Privacy Day: Three Hot Button Issues in Ireland

Data Privacy Day (DPD), celebrated annually on Jan. 28, is an international effort centred on “Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust.” As data protection issues have moved into the sphere of broad consumer interest here in Ireland, one of the ways organisations, particularly state …

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DRI’s Unchanged Position on Eircode

DRI has previously outlined concerns about privacy arising from flaws in the proposed National Postcode System known as eircode. We believe that the eircode project, as currently conceived, creates significant privacy and data protection issues. There are also other issues with eircode, principally: Complexity: In …

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How your money was spent

How DRI Spent Your Money in 2014

We respect the fact that donors like to know how their money is spent, and appreciate that contributors like to see that their donations are efficiently serving the causes they give to. We were able to accomplish a huge amount in 2014 with the funds …

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DRI Year in Review

The DRI Year In Review

2014 marked DRI’s 9th year, a year filled with significant digital rights issues, fundamental privacy issues, and complex legal challenges. It was also a year of enormous success for DRI. Here’s what DRI was able to accomplish in 2014: 1/ Overturned mass surveillance for half …

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European Parliament in Strasbourg

Leaked: European Parliament legal opinion on data retention

Our friends at Access have obtained a copy of the much anticipated European Parliament legal opinion on data retention the day before it is due to be considered by the Parliament. This is a report by the Parliament’s Legal Service which sets out an authoritative interpretation of the …

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Microsoft Sandyford

Irish government intervenes in Microsoft data access case

The US government is trying to force Microsoft demanding that it turn over user emails held in its Dublin facilities based on a US search warrant. The government of Ireland has now intervened in the case, filing an amicus curiae brief with the Court. It has raised issues …

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Dublin Street Nameplates

Privacy concerns in relation to Eircode

In late November, we wrote to the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources to reiterate our concerns about Eircode, the postcode system that is proposed for Ireland. We wrote:  …

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DRI amicus brief in US v. Microsoft

DRI files court brief in support of Microsoft against US access to Irish data

You might have noticed that the US government is bringing a case against Microsoft demanding that it turn over user emails held in its Dublin facilities based on a US search warrant. This is a worrying overreach: the US authorities are seeking information held in Ireland, about …

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