New IRMA Legal Action

The Irish Recorded Music Association’s members, the various record labels, have again announced that they intend to request that the court order ISPs to disclose their customer’s details to allow EMI et al to pursue them for damages relating to income lost due to filesharing.

As before DRI support copyright holders’ efforts to protect and assert their rights. However the way in which IRMA has done so still leaves a number of questions unanswered.

  • Most home networks are wireless these days, and most of those are unsecured. How can they tie the IP addresses they receive with any particular person?
  • Claims for lost income must be based on specific evidence of loss. Why have they never released their basis for calculating the claimed damages?
  • The company used by IRMA to collect data is in the US. Moving people’s data from Europe to the US has been found to breach EU data protection law. How can their evidence be used in court?
  • It appears that none of their claims have ever gone to a full hearing, allowing these issues to be debated in open court. Does IRMA fear the scrutiny of an open hearing?
  • If you are contacted by IRMA, we would be happy to talk to you. Contact us through any of these channels.